Kingtec Refrigeration USA

Kingtec Refrigeration USA distributes Kingtec USA's transport refrigeration control products across the Midwest and Eastern United States with excellent reviews. Our growing network of dealers are dedicated and committed to providing excellent service for our quality products.

Kingtec Refrigeration USA products are supported across North America by the Glen Ridge Fleet authorized service network and Kingtec authorized dealers. So no matter where you require service, at Kingtec Refrigeration USA, We've got you covered.

Kingtec products are available in over 60 countries and in March 2016, Denso Corporation (Head Office: Aichi, Japan President: Koji Arima), and Kingtec Technologies (Heyuan) Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Heyuan City, Guangdong Province, Chairman: Xudong Yuan) established a joint venture company. The new name of the company is: "Guangdong KINGTEC DENSO Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd." 

There is more and more food safety awareness in the cold chain. To speed up the development of the cold chain logistics, the vehicle-mounted refrigeration market will be further expanded. Kingtec Technologies (Heyuan) Co., Ltd. has a chain of rich variety of products and are more cost-competitive, and Denso’s high growth in technology and high quality refrigeration units will strengthen development and sales, and make a contribution to food safety.

Kingtec Refrigeration USA looks forward to our expansion in the transport refrigeration market place, establishing influence in the market of cold chain logistics.