K598DE W/ Standby - Price Includes standard installation.

  • $16,500.00

General Description

KINGTEC K598D / K698D series units are designed for fresh, frozen and deep frozen applications on the 33~52m3 medium-sized refrigerator trucks, which are designed for use with totally chlorine-free R-404A refrigerant, powered by special clean and silent diesel engine, which provides maximum cab clearance and reduced truck body height on conventional chassis. The cubesaver evaporator and optimises space below the evaporator for all types of cargo. Lightweight aluminum frame allows for increased payload. 

• Standard Components

Clean and silent diesel engine 
Compressor: (K598D) Bock FKX30 / (K698D) Bock FKX40 
Automatic cooling by temperature Control system 
In-cab remote display and control 
Secure and dependable protection system 
Programmable temperature control 
Highly efficient automatic defrost system 
Automatic phase failure correction 
Electrical stand-by outlet box 
Compartment front mounted screen type condenser 

• Defrost

Automatic hot gas defrost 

• Airflow Volume

Evaporator blower performance at 0 mm Water column external static pressure: 
K598D Airflow volume: 2750m3/h (1618 cu fUmin) 
K698D Airflow volume: 3200m3/h (1883 cu fUmin)

• Low Maintenance Rate

12V 75A alternator
Dry model air cleaner
Rotary air filter element
Highly efficient lube oil filter

• Safety Protect System

Engine low oil pressure protection
Engine cooling water temperature overheat protection
System high pressure protection
System low pressure protection
Standby electrical overload protection
DC system electric current overload protection 

• Electric Motor

Stand-by options available

• Clean and Silent Diesel Engine

Original diesel engine 
3 cylinders, water cooled 
Lube oil volume (K598D): 11 litre 
Lube oil volume (K698D): 12.3 litre 

• Sub Assembly Installation

Units assembly 
Control panel 
Wiring harness 
Oil tube 
Stand-by electrical outlet 

• Weights (Approximate)

K598D: 480kg/1091 Lbs 
K698D: 505kg/1180Lbs

• Warranty Summary

Specific terms of the Kingtec express warranty are available on request. Further, Kingtec excludes liability in contract and tort (including strict liability and negligence) for any special, indirect or consequential damages by reason of the installation or use of any covered product or its mechanical failure.

• Quality Guarantee Statement

During and after the warranty period, any service required for units purchased through Kingtec Refrigeration USA can be provided by any Kingtec Refrigeration USA or Glen Ridge Fleet authorized dealer. In addition to any Kingtec USA authorized dealer.