MK658 - Price Includes standard installation.

  • $12,500.00

General Description

Kingtec MK658 series units are designed for fresh and frozen applications on the 20-50m3 refrigeration trucks. The road compressor is powered by the vehicles engine and while a second compressor is powered by an electric motor, making it possible to use electric standby to drive the unit. The standby units are installed on the skirt of the truck.

• Standard Components


Condenser assembly
Evaporator assembly
Swash plate road compressor (With magnetic clutch)
In-cab control and wiring harness 

Optional heating function: 
(Hot gas heating system or engine water heating system

• Refrigerant (Chlorine Zero)

MK358 (R404A): HFC R404A 1.3kg
MK658 (R404A): HFC R404A 2.4kg

• Road Compressor (Engine Driven)

MK358/MK658: Swash plate type compressor Displacement:

(MK358) 162cc 

(MK658) 215cc

Max recommended speed: 3000

Includes oil return separator.

• Airflow Volume

EVK350 evaporator: 1600m3 /h (940 cu ft/min)
EVK650 evaporator: 2750m' /h (1618 cu ft/min)

• Electrical Specifications

• DC voltage options: DC12V 
• Total current consumption on the road (road compressor)
• MK358          38A 
• MK658          62.4A


• Weights (Approximate)


MK358 Condenser (with standby): 35(65)kg/77(143)Lbs
EVK350 Evaporator assembly: 26kg/57Lbs
MK658 Condenser (with standby): 70(80)kg/154(176)Lbs
EVK650 Evaporator assembly: 45kg/99Lbs

• Warranty Summary

Specific terms of the Kingtec express warranty are available on request. Further, Kingtec excludes liability in contract and tort (including strict liability and negligence) for any special, indirect or consequential damages by reason of the installation or use of any covered product or its mechanical failure.

• Quality Guarantee Statement

During and after the warranty period, any service required for units purchased through Kingtec Refrigeration USA can be provided by any Kingtec Refrigeration USA or Glen Ridge Fleet authorized dealer. In addition to any Kingtec USA authorized dealer.