• $5,000.00

General Description

Kingtec TC20AD series units are designed for fresh, and frozen applications for 6-20m3 on road refrigerator trailers. The compressor is available in 115V/60HZ and 230V/60HZ configurations. Units can be plugged in anywhere, or run off a generator while on the road.

• Product Benefits

Meeting the needs of Trailer Manufacturers. 

• Factory Finished Product
• One-Piece with Small Interior Footprint
• Easy and Fast Installation
• Cost Effective, Long Life & Low Operating Expenses
• Light Weight
• 15A 15 amps Plugs In Anywhere
• Easy and Safe to Operate

• Product Applications

• Caterer Industry
• Concession trailers that need cold storage
• Disaster relief and emergency service
• State and local government needs
• Hospitals
• Restaurants needing temporary or additional storage
• Family reunions
• Weddings and parties
• Sporting events and tailgating
• Hunting trailers
• Marinas, fish and seafood cold storage.
• Corporate sponsorship, such as marathons, special events that need cold beverages 
• Exhibitions and trade shows that require food and beverage
• Flower growers
• Supermarkets and fast food chains
• Beverage and food sellers at parks, camp sites, fairs & rib fests
• Food processors
• Farmer markets
• Farm to fork

• Standard Components

• Condenser
• Evaporator
• Electric compressor 
• Hot gas defrost

• Refrigerant (Chlorine Zero)

• TC20AD: HFC R404A 0.7kg 

• Compressor (Electric Driven)


• Displacement: 26.15 cc
• Piston Type


• Defrost

Hot Gas Defrost

• Refrigeration Capacity (W/BTU)

• Ambient temperature 30 degrees Celsius
• 0 degrees Celsius: 2180W(7412BTU)
• -20 degrees Celsius: 1220W(4184BTU)

• Electrical Specifications

• Voltage options for the TC20AD: 
• AC115V/60HZ          13.5A 
• AC230V/60HZ          10A 

• Weights (Approximate)

• TC20AD Complete Assembly: 86Kg/190Lb 

• Warranty Summary

Specific terms of the Kingtec express warranty are available on request. Further, Kingtec excludes liability in contract and tort (including strict liability and negligence) for any special, indirect or consequential damages by reason of the installation or use of any covered product or its mechanical failure.

• Quality Guarantee Statement

During and after the warranty period, any service required for units purchased through Kingtec Refrigeration USA can be provided by any Kingtec Refrigeration USA or Glen Ridge Fleet authorized dealer. In addition to any Kingtec USA authorized dealer.