The Pinnacle SK1800E - Price Includes standard installation.

  • $14,700.00

General Description

The Pinnacle SK1800E series transport refrigeration units are specifically designed to meet the high demand of the transport refrigeration industry. All-electric driven refrigeration unit was designed to provide energy saving & environmentally friendly mobile cold solution, compared with conventional engine driven units. 

• Advantage
• Efficient
• Proven reliability
• Simple maintenance.
• Ease of use micro-controller operation.
• Low-noise design.

• Standard Configuration

• Aerodynamic body panels
• Lightweight strong composite access door
• Proven engine and compressor platform
• Advanced micro-controller system.
• HFC-404A refrigerant

• Airflow

When the external static pressure is 13mm water column
Airflow 5600m3/h (3300cu ft / min

• Refrigeration System

• High efficient micro-channel condenser
• Automatic hot gas defrost system
• Automatic hot gas heating system
• Drain Pan Heater
• Refrigeration System, high and low pressure protection
• Unloading System Protection

• Micro Controller System

• Multiple operating control modes
• Automatic start/stop (Power Saver)

• Controller self-diagnostics function
• Fault diagnosis system
• Automatic defrost
• Voltage detection

• Controller Display

• Refrigeration, heating, high speed, low speed, defrost
• Defrost temperature control
• Temperature setting, discharge air temperature, return air temperature

• Weight of Unit

• Pinnacle SK1800E 1146 lbs / 520 kg

• Quality Guarantee Statement

During and after the warranty period, any service required for units purchased through Kingtec Refrigeration USA can be provided by any Kingtec Refrigeration USA or Glen Ridge Fleet authorized dealer. In addition to any Kingtec USA authorized dealer.

• SK1800E Warranty

Has a:

12 month/6000 hr Basic Unit Warranty - parts and labor.